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Bricklayer Bosh "Rise, HWhores, Rise!" EP reviewed by Chewin' Chocolate/ Dead As Hell Podcast!

Podcast #4: It's Alive!

18 June 2017

"Bosh Bonesy is one bad ass bitch."

Follow @BricklayerBosh for all your electro horror punk needs! And a vocalist that can break your heart, and then likely eat it.” - @HoltHorror

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One of the most fun up and coming horror punk bands around!” - Logospilgrim


Check out Bricklayer Bosh! SUPER ENTERTAINING. I mean their drummer is a skeleton with boobs. Awesome.” - The Napoleon Complex

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It's as if Elvira joined Oingo Boingo!” - Synn Hellscream - Squirrelly Arts

Bosh Interviewed by San Diego Punk

Podcast #4: The Women of Punk

December 2010

2008-2009 Open Mics

"I saw you coming up on stage with a stereo, a bass, and an Oingo Boingo t-shirt and thought to myself, 'This can be nothing but amazing.' Not only were my expectations met, but totally exceeded."

 -Mike, open mic host, South Park Bar and Grill, 2008.