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Tales From the Freakboy Zone...

(random nonsense from a bent mind) - January 2022

Break the curse of the last couple of years with @BricklayerBosh!!!!! #newmusic #musicreview #dance #electronic #BricklayerBosh (JLH Twitter)

The Please Stand by Podcast

November 2021 - Lab Exp #1: Final Girl featured!


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October 2021 - Lab Exp #1: Final Girl reviewed!

Women in Horror '21

PromoteHorror.Com Interview

Bosh Bonesy featured for Promote Horror's Women in Horror Month, February 2021!

The JLH Collective Eye Interview

February 2021

The Collective Eye is on Bricklayer Bosh!

Bricklayer Bosh "Rise, HWhores, Rise!" EP reviewed by Chewin' Chocolate/ Dead As Hell Podcast!

Podcast #4: It's Alive!

18 June 2017

"Bosh Bonesy is one bad ass bitch."

Follow @BricklayerBosh for all your electro horror punk needs! And a vocalist that can break your heart, and then likely eat it.” - @HoltHorror

— Twitter

One of the most fun up and coming horror punk bands around!” - Logospilgrim


Check out Bricklayer Bosh! SUPER ENTERTAINING. I mean their drummer is a skeleton with boobs. Awesome.” - The Napoleon Complex

— Facebook