The Nonsense Asylum Tour is an experiment gone mad!

The tour (22 September 2012 - 18 December 2013) invites you into the laboratory of mad scientist, Bosh Bonesy, The Empress Skeleton. With Tesla Coil electricity roaring, YOU become the experiment. Witness the horrific images of the Hypnotic Video! Learn the origins of the Skeleton Crew! And beware of the Flying Twinkies!


Thank you to our friends and fans for the photo and video footage! We love you!





Flyer by Electric Ladyland/OB Playhouse


 Photos by Paul Bolton



Flyer by Brick By Brick



Flyer by Bricklayer Bosh. Double Down Saloon image by Double Down Saloon.



Road trip!!!

First time playing back-to-back shows in different cities :D




 10.Nov.2012: We are further developing the Nonsense Asylum.



 16.Nov.2012:OH NO! Hostess officially closes shop?! How Frightening! But fear not, dear boils and ghouls, stay tuned! WE HAVE NOT THROWN OUR LAST TWINKIE!!!


 19.Nov.2012: T-T-T-T-TWINKIES!!! RIP Hostess! You'll rise from the dead soon enough!




 22.Nov.2012: Happy Thanksgiving, boils & ghouls! We are thankful for a lot, but we are especially thankful for YOU!



 24.Nov.2012: The new SPOOKSletter is alive! Get it here to subscribe!


 03.Dec.2012: In the studio! Recorded Tatum's drums for "Alright!" tonight!


 09.Dec.2012: SPOOKSletter #2: What's a Bricklayer Bosh? now available!


 11.Dec.2012: Tatum recorded drums for "Alright!," "Sinister (T-T-T-T-Twinkies!!!)," "Smother Me With A Pillow While i Sink Into My Dark Abyss, Baby.," "Stupid Boy," and "Beauty Goes A Long Way."


 20.Dec.2012: Drums for "Immobile," "Listen (I Wanna Have Sex With You)," "Like You Never," and "Junk Food" are now recorded! That completes getting the drum tracks down, now we enter the drum mix process!


 24.Dec.2012: SPOOKSletter #3: The Battle of Cutsie & Horror now available!


 25.Dec.2012: Merry Christmas boils and ghouls! Here's a terror tale from our favorite Crypt Keeper! Enjoy!



Flyer by The SeKs/The Jerk Offs



Photos by Clutch Bullard



Happy New Year 2013!!!


 18.Jan.2013: SPOOKSletter #4: It Knows What Scares You, now available!



Flyer by Greg Von Twinkle


Our last Fright Night before Dom has to relocate to the East Coast for a while :(



 11.Feb.2013: SPOOKSletter #5: Rise of the Empress Skeleton, now available!


 18.March.2013: SPOOKSletter #6: Bump In The Night, now available!


 13.April.2013: SPOOKSletter #7: Intro to Punk, Part 3, now available!


 13.June.2013: SPOOKSletter #8: Intro to Punk, Part 4, now available!


 13.July.2013: SPOOKSletter #9: Intro to Punk, Part 5, now available!


 13.August.2013: SPOOKSletter #10: Intro to Punk, Part 6, now available!


 13.September.2013: SPOOKSletter #11: Flies on the Mirror, now available!


 25.September.2013: Stage 1 of album production is complete!


 13.October.2013: SPOOKSletter #12: It's Gonna Be A Strange Day, now available!


 13.November.2013: SPOOKSletter #13: Something in the House, now available!





 13.December.2013: HAPPY BOSH DAY! SPOOKSletter #14: So Drunk, available now!



Buy your tickets from us and get a free copy of our 5-Tale EP "Rise, HWhores, Rise!" on Fright Night!



Happy New Year 2014!!! 


 13.January.2014: HAPPY NEW YEAR! SPOOKSletter #15: Bricklayer 2014, available now!


 21.January.2014: The STUPID BOY Lyric Video has arrived! Watch it here:



 25.January.2014: We're number 4 on the Reverb Nation Punk charts for San Diego,CA. - Hell yeah!


 31.January.2014: Bonsoir, Horror Whores! You can now gorge on your favourite Twisted Tales of Terror with the Bricklayer Bosh Mobile App!!! Available NOW on Android Phones. Get it here: 

Need it on Apple? Let us know! With enough demand, we'll pay the big bucks to get it for you!


 4.February.2014: We're number 4 on the Reverb Nation Punk charts for San Diego,CA. - AGAIN! Hell yeah!


 11.February.2014: We're number 4 on the Reverb Nation Punk charts for San Diego,CA. - AGAIN - Third week in a row! Hell yeah!


 13.February.2014: (Un)Happy Valentine's Day! SPOOKSletter #16: Valentine This!, available now!

 14.February.2014: Happy Valentine's Day! We're Immobile without you!
 18.February.2014: We're number 4 on the Reverb Nation Punk charts for San Diego,CA. - AGAIN - Fourth week in a row! Meow!!!
 23.February.2014: Enjoy this great cover of our Twisted Tale, Yuppied Out! Performed by Sergio Jimenez JR - Thank you!
 12.March.2014: Bosh Bonesy is this month's cover model for SV Bell's Realms of Fear!
Get your copy here!

 15.March.2014: SPOOKSletter #17: Bosh Bonesy in Realms of Fear!, available now!


 13.April.2014: SPOOKSletter #18: Where Dead-Baby Jokes Come From!, available now!

13.April.2014:We're number 1 on the Reverb Nation Punk charts for San Diego, CA. - YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAW!

22.April.2014:TheAlright! Lyric Video is now available!



13.May.2014: SPOOKSletter #19: Still #1!, available now!

20.May.2014: The Smother Me With A Pillow While i Sink Into My Dark Abyss, Baby.Lyric Video is now available!
July - August 2014: The Mummy's Curse obliterates SpooksCentral, blowing up the Laboratory and banishing Bonesy to the higher grounds of Hell until the curse is lifted.