SPOOKSletter3000! #1: The Return of Bricklayer Bosh!

The Return of Bricklayer Bosh!

These Horror Hostbastards returned 2020!

Bosh Bonesy and Tatum Elvyra are BACK!

In the aftermath of the 2014 SPOOKScentral explosion, the hell mouth that opened blasted their debris into outer space, where they were mysteriously reanimated. 

Now traveling in their spaceship laboratory, the two have at last established connection and sent transmission - the new album, CURSEBREAKER (2021).

CURSEBREAKER is an industrial/dance album that explores a dark journey from internal death to external resurrection. 

Trying to make their way back home, Bonesy and Tatum continue to establish more transmissions, hoping to make connections with fiends from home and experimenting with creatures unknown...