Tales of the Rocket Queen

Adriana Smith & Ghost in the Graveyard

"Pin-up Punk" Rock 'N' Roll from the Rocket Queen! - A real treat for Guns N' Roses fans featuring Bosh Bonesy on drums and Sneaky Scott on guitar!

The "Rocket Queen," Adriana Smith, delivers "Pin-up Punk" Rock 'N' Roll in this three-song EP! - A real treat for Guns N' Roses fans, Smith gets her crown from GNR's 1987 release, "Appetite for Destruction."

Adriana Smith and Ghost In the Graveyard is: Adriana Smith: vocals, Doug Tilley: bass, Bosh Bonesy: drums, Scott Higby: guitar, Simon Holehouse: guitar.

Recorded at Signature Sound Studios and Studio C. Released by Sugar Skeleton Psycho Records. Copyright 2015. Adriana Smith

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