The Return of Bricklayer Bosh

These Horror HostBastards Return 2020



2 November 2020: Rehearsals in progress for a live stream Fright Night telling old & new Twisted Tales! \m/\m/

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 Oct 2017 - Bricklayer Bosh  featured on Horror-Punks' George Romero tribute: They're Coming to Get You Barbara!!!

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18 June 2017

Bricklayer Bosh "Rise, HWhores, Rise!" EP reviewed by Chewin' Chocolate/ Dead As Hell Podcast!

004: It's Alive!



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SV Bell's "Realms of Fear"

Bosh Bonesy appears in issue #1 of SV Bell's "Realms of Fear" comic book series.

Available at SV Bell's Black Flag TV website.


Bricklayer Bosh is a Halloween Electro-Punk band that haunted San Diego, California from 2011-2014. In addition to hosting Fright Nights and throwing Twinkies at people, Bricklayer Bosh wrote the theme song for a (unreleased) zombie vlog and appeared on multiple independent soundtracks and compilations, the most recent being the tribute to George A. Romero in 2017.

Bassist and vocalist, Bosh Bonesy, hosted a performance of The Doomsday Dollies Burlesque and appeared in an issue of SV Bell's Realms of Fear comic book. Bricklayer Bosh played an intermission performance for the San Diego Derby Dolls and also opened for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Orgy before personal emergencies caused a hiatus, referred to as the SPOOKScentral Explosion of 2014. Bricklayer Bosh celebrated a month at #1 on ReverbNation's Punk Chart for San Diego, California on 20 May, 2014.

Bosh Bonesy, and guitarist, Sneaky Scott, are also previous members of Ghost In The Graveyard, a punk band fronted by Adriana Smith, a.k.a. The Rocket Queen of Guns N' Roses fame.

Tales of the Rocket Queen

Adriana Smith & Ghost in the Graveyard

"Pin-up Punk" Rock 'N' Roll from the Rocket Queen! - A real treat for Guns N' Roses fans featuring Bosh Bonesy on drums and Sneaky Scott on guitar!

The "Rocket Queen," Adriana Smith, delivers "Pin-up Punk" Rock 'N' Roll in this three-song EP! - A real treat for Guns N' Roses fans, Smith gets her crown from GNR's 1987 release, "Appetite for Destruction."

Adriana Smith and Ghost In the Graveyard is: Adriana Smith: vocals, Doug Tilley: bass, Bosh Bonesy: drums, Scott Higby: guitar, Simon Holehouse: guitar.

Recorded at Signature Sound Studios and Studio C. Released by Sugar Skeleton Psycho Records. Copyright 2015. Adriana Smith

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